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Quick Launch Bar in Windows is arguably one of the most used feature (according to me!). It comes in handy to launch programs the easier and quicker way. Just click on the icons and the programs will launch. Of course, there are many different tools like Launchy, KeyBreeze, Executor etc. that can launch programs in a much better way but let’s just stick to the topic of Quick Launch Bar.

Here is where the Quick Launch Bar is on your Windows machine.

As you can see on the above screenshot, the Quick Launch Bar normally lies between the Start button and the Windows on your Task Bar (those little icons that you see, that’s the Quick Launch Bar).

By default, most Windows machines (or installations) comes with the Quick Launch Bar turned on. But in some installations it might come turned off. Well, what if your Quick Launch Bar is turned off. How do you turn the Quick Launch Bar on?


Right click on the Start button and choose the Properties menu option.


Make sure that you have a check mark (a tick mark) in front of “Show Quick Launch” option to turn the Quick Launch Bar on. To turn the Quick Launch Bar off, do the opposite to uncheck the “Show Quick Launch” option.


Click the OK button to dismiss the dialog.

Now, your Quick Launch Bar will be turned on/off depends on if you’ve checked or unchecked the “Show Quick Launch” option.


If you want to extend the length of the viewing area on your Quick Launch Bar,


Right click on an area on your Quick Launch Bar and uncheck the “Lock the Toolbar” option. You will see a little resize anchor on your Quick Launch Bar.


Drag the anchor to resize the Quick Launch Bar to your desired size.


Once you are happy with the size of the Quick Launch Bar then lock the toolbar by following Step-1 but this time check the “Lock the Toolbar” option.

On a related note, here is how you can add/remove programs to the Quick Launch Bar.

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