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One of the initial thing that grabbed my attention with Google Chrome was its simple installation process. Before I even got to experience the browser I was impressed with the simple installation process. So when it was time for me to upgrade Chrome to the latest version I was pretty sure there has got to be a simple upgrade process than to download and install again.

Google Chrome didn’t disappoint me on this as well…follow these simple steps to upgrade your browser as simple as clicking a button and restarting the browser,



Click on the “Tools” icon on the top right side of the browser window and then click on the “About Google Chrome” menu option.


image b

Chrome will display its About dialog and there you can see that it would check for latest version and will enable the “Update Now” button. Once you click on the “Update Now” button you should be able to see that Google Chrome would change the status message to “Checking for updates…” and then to “Installing new version…”. Wait till it installs the new version.



Once done you should be able to see a status message of “Google Chrome has been updated”.


Also at the same time Chrome will inform you to close all the open Chrome windows and restart Chrome to make use of the latest version. Click on the OK button to dismiss all dialogs.



Close all the open instances of Google Chrome and restart Chrome again. This time go into the same “About Google Chrome” dialog (“Tools” >> “About Google Chrome” menu option). You should be able to see “Google Chrome is up to date (version number…currently at”.

That’s all….your Google Chrome browser should be up to date now. So what’s new with this 0.4 version update?

New Features

  • Bookmark manager with import/export.
    Use the ‘Customize and control Google Chrome’ (wrench) menu to open the Bookmark manager. You can search bookmarks, create folders, and drag and drop bookmarks to new locations. The Bookmark Manager’s Tools menu lets you export or import bookmarks.
  • Privacy section in Options.
    We grouped together all of the configuration options for features that might send data to another service. Open the wrench menu, click Options, and select the Under the Hood tab.
  • New blocked pop-up notification.
    The pop-up blocker formerly just minimized pop-up windows to the lower right corner of the browser window, create one ‘constrained’ window for each pop-up. Now, Google Chrome displays one small notification in the corner that shows the number of blocked pop-ups. A menu on the notification lets you open a specific pop-up, if needed.

Known Issues

  • Sites that use Gears to synchronize offline data may occasionally hang. You should disable offline access for sites until a fix is released. (We’re working on it and hope to have the update later this week.)

Security Issues

  • This release fixes an issue with downloaded HTML files being able to read other files on your computer and send them to sites on the Internet. We now prevent local files from connection to the network with XMLHttpRequest() and also prompt you to confirm a download if it is an HTML file.
    Severity: Moderate. If a user could be enticed to open a downloaded HTML file, this flaw could be exploited to send arbitrary files to an attacker.

[Source: Google Chrome Releases]

They even brought back the much dreaded “Reload” menu option on the right click context menu! It was missing on those earlier versions and was a bit annoying. Thank you, Chrome team, for sticking with some Windows standards!

I hope this article is useful to you. If you have any questions regarding this please make sure to ask in comments.

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5 comments so far

  1. LaBud GraBow

    I tried to follow your directions, but my chrome does not have an update area in the "about Google Chrome'. The version I am using is 5.0.342.9. Is there any other way to upgrade or would I have to uninstall the old and install a newer version?

  2. maricel

    i cant follow your direction what will i do

  3. tmadhavamenon

    are you teasing? i clik and I clik and nothing happens!!! i feel like ditching chrome altogether

  4. Sparkles

    worked perfectly….when clicking about chrome it tells you the progress at the bottom of the pop up window!! Thx for the info!!!

  5. Don

    My version of Chrome is 21.0.1180.89 I can not find anywhere, what the latest version is.
    Also if I don't have the latest, Where do I go to download the latest version of Chrome?

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