Copy files faster in Windows Vista with TeraCopy

TeraCopy makes it easy to copy files faster and in a better way.

Windows Vista’s file copy mechanism is just basic that it’s absolutely slow when you copy large files and it’s not flexible enough to reliably copy files. It works but is certainly not efficient.

TeraCopy Main Console

TeraCopy is a little program that improves the file copy process and makes it more reliable.

  • TeraCopy copies files faster by utilizing adjusted buffers to reduce file seek time.
  • TeraCopy utilizes asynchronous file copy mechanism to speedup copying multiple files.
  • TeraCopy allows you to pause the file copy progress and allows you to resume to process anytime.
  • When more files are involved in a copy process and when some of those files fail to copy it skips those files and continues the copy process.
  • TeraCopy lists the files that failed to copy and let’s you fix any errors and allows you to recopy.
  • TeraCopy integrates well with Windows and allows you replace the Windows Copy process with TeraCopy process giving you a seamless experience.

TeraCopy context menu

Once installed, TeraCopy gives you a nice context menu if you prefer to still keep the standard Windows copy process.

TeraCopy Preferences Window

You can change that behavior to integrate TeraCopy into Windows shell by clicking on the Menu button on the TeraCopy window and clicking on the “Options…” menu choice. Then on the Preferences dialog check the “Use TeraCopy as default copy handler” option.

TeraCopy sample file copy

Once you use TeraCopy to copy files, it pops open TeraCopy window where you can choose to either copy or move files. As its known, “Copy To” keeps the original and makes a copy on the location you specify. “Move To” on the other hand allows you to move the source file to a different location.

Buffer Size adjustment in TeraCopy

You can adjust the buffer size that TeraCopy uses by adjusting the “Buffer Size” slider. The initial size is 1.0 MB but if you have a powerful computer then you can obviously increase the buffer size to improve the copy performance.

TeraCopy is a great alternative to the default Windows copy process as it brings-in a lot more flexibility to copy process. I hope you find TeraCopy useful. If you have any questions/comments regarding this please let us know in comments.

Download TeraCopy.

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One comment

  1. Richard

    In vista explorer I have a list of files obtained with a .jpg search criteria. If I select all the files to copy then teracopy is not available, but if I highlight an individual file I can use teracopy. I would like to select all the files in the search and copy with teracopy as it also copies long file names. Any help would be appreciated.

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