How to use foreign language keyboards on iPhone?

Use foreign language keyboards on your iPhone to type messages in a language other than English.

With its global nature iPhone does support multiple languages and so does its keyboard. It has support for 42 languages (as of this writing). By default it uses English for its keyboard layout. But you can change or add more languages to its keyboard.

iPhone Settings page.png

Start by tapping into “Settings“. Tap into “General” item.


Scroll down to locate “Keyboard” and tap into that.


Once on the Keyboard settings page tap on the “International Keyboards” item.

Multi-language support on iPhone keyboard.png

You should be able to see a list of foreign languages supported by iPhone so you can type on these languages. Turn ON the languages you want your iPhone Keyboard to support. Then navigate out of the Settings pages.

Arabic language keyboard on iPhone.png

To use other foreign languages on your iPhone keyboard just tap on the new “World” key that you see now on the keyboard. This key would only show up when the iPhone Keyboard has to support multiple languages.

Once you tap on the key the keyboard will switch to the other language that you’ve turned on. If you have more than 2 languages turned on then it will switch the keyboard language for every tap on the “World” key.

I found this multilingual keyboard support on iPhone a very useful feature, particularly when you use your iPhone to chat with friends who speak foreign languages or to type-in notes on your preferred language than English. My only complaint is that it should support more languages than the 42 it currently supports.

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