5 ways to diagnose sound issues with your iPhone or iPod Touch

Use these 5 tips to diagnose sound issues on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

It happened to me the very first day I had my iPhone with me for the full day. There was no sign of any sound coming out of my iPhone. The first thing that hits you is panic. But don’t, there are simple ways to make sure it’s not a hardware failure.

Volume Button


The first thing to try (obviously!) is to see if the Volume Button isn’t turned down all the way. Particularly if you have a habit of slipping your iPhone into your pockets it’s quite possible that you must have accidentally hit the volume low button all the way down. So make sure the volume level is appropriately set.

Unplugged Headset


The second thing to try is to see if the headset (if you are using one) is unplugged. It might sound silly to try this but in many cases it might look connected but in fact it is not fully connected and that’s possible that you don’t hear sound on your headset.

Paused Music


Of course, with the touch niceness of iPhone it’s quite possible that the music you are playing has been accidentally paused. Make sure music is not paused.

Volume Limit Too Low

Volume Limit page.png

iPhone’s Volume Limit option can help save your ears but could be a potential cause for the sound issue if it must have been set too low. Make sure the Volume Limit is not set too low. This one can get you quite easily and without knowing how to set the maximum volume limit on your iPhone it would be tough to figure this out.



The obvious thing! Being an operating system in itself the iPhone OS might need a restart once in a while to get things cleared away. So as a last resort before making a visit to the Apple Store or dialing Apple Support try and restart the iPhone to see if you can get the sound back.

Unplugged headset might sound silly but that’s what happened to me when all the other looked fine and the headset looked like plugged-in. In any case unplug and plug it back again, just in case.

These are some tips that I normally make sure when I run into sound issues with my iPhone. Do you know of any other tips that can be useful to others when they are faced with sound issues on their iPhone? Please share your tips in comments.

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