Get the most out of your RSS Feeds with MyAllTop on your iPhone

MyAllTop on your iPhone can help you manage your RSS feeds better.

According to AllTop,

Alltop is an “online magazine rack” of popular topics.

It’s true that AllTop has tremendous potential to help us keep up with the flood of online information that we breath, swallow and digest. AllTop organizes the RSS Feeds by Topics and that is insanely helpful to find the right RSS feed otherwise you might not even know that it exists.

Given the fact that AllTop tracks more than 650 topics it becomes quite cumbersome to manage all those topics, particularly if you are interested to read on many topics. MyAllTop can help you in this regard.

One of the most useful features of AllTop is MyAllTop, which gives you the ability to customize and keep track of the topics that you are primarily interested in. Even when filtering the topics down to your favorite list becomes daunting MyAllTop helps you arrange the topics based on your personal preference which is pretty cool.

If you have access to a computer then you’d be able to fully utilize the power of AllTop but what if you want to take that experience off-desktop and wanted to bring it to your mobile devices. AllTop can help you in this regard as well.

Let’s take a look at how we can bring MyAllTop to an iPhone so that you can read all your favorite RSS feeds from the comfort of your iPhone.

Create Account at AllTop.png

First visit and click on the “Create an Account” link and key-in the needed information to sign-up for an AllTop account.

MyAllTop Account Confirmation.png

Once you get the confirmation email follow the link on the email to get you account confirmed.

Discover topics on AllTop.png

Once confirmed you can go to the home page and start exploring your favorite topics. The topics are arranged alphabetically given the fact that AllTop tracks more than 650 topics as of today.

Alltop - Top Macintosh News.png

Choose the topic of your interest, for example “Macintosh”. AllTop will show you all the feeds available for the chosen topic.

You should be able to see a “+” icon on the right side of each feed. Click on that “+” icon if you are interested to subscribe to that particular feed and have it accessible on your MyAllTop. Once you click on the “+” button it turns itself into a “tick” mark to indicate that it’s been added to MyAllTop. Similarly browse for more topics and add those feeds that interests you. Don’t worry about the order in which you choose topic or feeds, those can be customized to your need later.

Go to MyAllTop link.png

Once you are done with your favorite topics and feeds click on the “Go to MyAllTop” link at the top right side of the page.

MyAlltop - DEMOGEEK.png

You’ll be presented with a page filled with all your favorite feeds across the topics you’ve chosen.

I’m sure you’ll gather quite a lot of your favorite feeds and things will become harder to see the right information. For example, your favorite feed might down below a bunch of feeds and you might think you have to scroll down every time to get to it.

Manage your MyAllTop feeds.png

Well, not really! MyAllTop allows you to move feeds around to your preference. Just click on the “Manage” link at the top right of your MyAllTop page and start organizing the feeds.

MyAllTop feeds on Manage mode.png

In the Manage mode you can move feeds around and you can also remove a feed from your MyAllTop list.

Moving MyAllTop feeds around.png

You can move feeds around by just dragging and moving the feed’s title to your preferred location. Make sure to save the changes before you move out of the Manage mode.

Visit MyAllTop on your iPhone-1.png

Once you are happy with the way your MyAllTop feeds look head over to your iPhone and navigate to ““. Replace the “username” with your AllTop username, in this case it would be ““.

MyAllTop on iPhone.png

You’d see a mobile version of MyAllTop load on your iPhone with all your favorite feeds listed as per how you arranged on your MyAllTop page. The fonts look little big for readability but it serves the purpose of easily skimming through your favorite RSS feeds.

If you are interested on a feed item when you click on it the link will open in a new browser window on your iPhone so you can always get back to the MyAllTop page without navigating back and forth.

MyAllTop RSS on iPhone.png

By default, MyAllTop on iPhone (on the web as well) displays only 5 items from each RSS feed. If you’d like to see more of it you use append “/RSS” to the URL, like “” to see the top 100 feed items on a particular RSS feed.

Share MyAllTop to Twitter.png

If you’d like to share your MyAllTop items with your friends at Facebook or Twitter you can use the “Share this” button on the top of the page.

I’m sure you might be thinking you can do the same with Google Reader as well. The problem with Google Reader is that it doesn’t help you organize your RSS feeds based on the topic and there is no way to move feeds around so you can see your most preferred feeds at the top. AllTop nicely brings you the feeds based on the topics of your interest and can help you move feeds around to your personal preference.

I hope you find AllTop, particularly MyAllTop, more useful to sort through your pile of RSS feeds. If you find any other ways of making use of AllTop please share your thoughts in comments.

PS: Guy Kawasaki, the AllTop Guy, hinted this and I just elaborated on it.

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