How to add custom ringtones to your iPhone?

Easily add custom ringtones to your iPhone using iTunes.

The default ringtones that comes with the iPhone are pretty basic and blank. You can, instead, use your own piece of music as a ringtone on your iPhone. All you need to get this done is an iPhone, Connector Cable and iTunes.

Follow these (simple) steps to add a custom ringtone to your iPhone,

BingTone1.mp3 file.png

Start by choosing the .mp3 file that you’d like to have a piece of it as your ringtone. Remember that you cannot keep the full mp3 file as your ringtone, instead you can trim a portion of it to be used as a ringtone. The maximum allowed length of the ringtone can be less than 30 seconds.

Get Info option on iTunes MP3.png

Open the .mp3 file in iTunes. Right-click the .mp3 file and choose “Get Info“.

iTunes GetInfo dialog Options tab.png

Once the Get Info dialog comes-up navigate to the Options tab. If you are using a short .mp3 file as your source then you might not want to touch any of the settings on this tab. But if you trying to extract a portion of the .mp3 file then you wanted to key-in values for the “Start Time” and “End Time” items. Keep in mind that the total length of the ringtone can only be less than 30 seconds.

How do you know the start and end times? Well, if you have Audacity installed then you should be able to grab the start and end time of your clip using Audacity’s trim feature.

Create AAC Version option on iTunes.png

Now we are ready to convert the file to a more friendly format that .mp3. Right-click on the same file again and choose the “Convert AAC Version” option.

iTunes Import Settings.png

If you don’t see the option on your right-click menu then go to iTunes > Preferences > General Tab and click on the “Import Settings…” button. Change the “Import Using” dropdown menu to “AAC Encoder“.

M4A file on the desktop.png

Once the file is converted to AAC version it generates a .m4a file. Drag the file to your Desktop (or any other location that you prefer).

Rename the m4a file to m4r-1.png

Rename the .m4a file to .m4r file. If you have any questions on how to do it the safest way to do is to right-click the .m4a file and choosing the “Get Info” option.

BingTone.m4r renamed from m4a.png

On the dialog that comes up change the extension of the file to .m4r and confirm the rename.

Remove the AAC file from iTunes.png

Before you proceed any further you should remove the AAC version of the file that’s on your iTunes.

m4r file added to the iTunes Ringtone.png

Now, move the .m4r file that’s on the desktop to the Ringtones folder on iTunes.

Sync your iPhone with iTunes.png

Now it’s all pretty much set for you to make use of the custom ringtone. Connect your iPhone and do a Sync.


Once successfully synced, tap on your iPhone Settings app.

iPhone Sound Settings Page.png

Tap on the “Sounds” option.

Sound Settings on iPhone.png

Then tap on the “Ringtone” option.

Custom Ringtone BingTone1 on iPhone.png

iPhone will now display the list of available ringtones and you should be able to see the newly added ringtone at the top of the page under the “Custom” section. Tap on the ringtone name to choose the ringtone as your default iPhone ringtone.

That’s all to it to get a custom ringtone on your iPhone. It may look like a lot of steps involved but basically it’s pretty simple and if you focus a little bit you can get it right on your first attempt and then you’ll love having the ability to make your own custom ringtone for your iPhone.

I hope you find it useful. If you have any questions/comments regarding this please let me know in comments.

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501 comments so far

  1. dkm

    this didn't work – i was not able to drag the m4r file into the ringtone folder of itunes!! :(

  2. demogeek

    @dkm – are you sure you've converted the m4a file to m4r. If for some reason you ran into issues converting the m4a to m4r and then you try to drag it to iTunes it wouldn't work. If you can give some more info that would help.

  3. Justin

    Everything works but when i syne no custom ringtone folder on phone visible

  4. jjj

    +1.I think they broke this

    everything works but the file cannot be added to the ringtone folder

  5. JTtheGirl

    This doesn't work anymore. I have custom ringtones that I made before, but I updated to Snow Leopard and Itunes 8.2.1(I think that's an update). Anyway, doesn't work. Jerks.

  6. joe

    I bought this iphone on 20 Oct. 2009 and have all the updates and the latest version of itunes( and your guide worked perfectly!

    A+ Guide, Thanks man!

  7. demogeek

    Joe – I'm glad you find it useful! You can expect more for sure!

  8. nate

    Hey everything worked out great… it shows up on my ring tones folder in I-tunes… but when i go on my iphone there is no "custom" ring tone section. any advice??? thanks

  9. Anon

    Thanks so much for the tip!!
    And kudos for the screen grabs too :) )

  10. bing lacuesta

    I don't get to drag it to the itunes as well
    and I can't remoce the aac file on the itunes,everytime i right click,there's no delete command
    Pls help I really want customized ringtones

  11. Lemeshianos

    I tried with a ringtone over 30 seconds and it was there in the ringtones library of itunes but it didn't show up for sync(on the iphone sync tab).
    I cut it down to 29-30 seconds and while I was able to see it in both itunes library and iphone(through itunes) I could see a custom tab on the iphone sounds.
    I found on another forum that you have to go to your Music Library in itunes and delete the .m4a version you made. Once I deleted the .m4a version I sync again and it was there under custom tab in my iphone sounds settings! Hope it helps some of you guys that have trouble making it show under the custom tab.

  12. agata

    yea i have the same problem right now. did you ever figure this out?

  13. frustrated

    I can't get it to drag from the library ringtone's rile to the iphone's ringtone's file. I deleted the .m4a file and all that and it still won't transfer! Boo!

  14. mickey

    evething perfect except when my friends call me, it not work with ringtone i have just set. Can anyone tell me the problem?

  15. demogeek

    Mickey – I think you might want to assign the ringtone to your friend's contact on your iPhone Address Book.

  16. demogeek

    Did you delete the correct AAC file before dragging and dropping the m4r file?

  17. band

    Thank you! Beautiful and easy to follow instructions. A gold star for you.

  18. demogeek

    Thank you band. I'm glad you liked it.

  19. Sharon

    I couldn't get this to work in latest version of iTunes ( Got stuck with finding "Convert ACC Version" even after making sure Import Using ACC Encorder was selected (which it was already defaulted to). Are there different instructions now? Thanks!

  20. John

    I'm having an issue and wondering if it's a windows thing. When I transfer the ACC version onto my desktop, I can't change the file type. I right clicked on the file and it would allow me to rename it but not change the m4a to m4r. Any ideas? I have a PC not a mac so I don't know if that is the issue.


  21. John

    Never mind. Found a solution.

  22. demogeek

    John – I'm glad that you've found the solution. If you can please share how you resolved the issue that would surely help others.

    Thanks for updating us.

  23. jyke

    im having the same problem….. there is no custom ringtone section in my ringtones

  24. Hocine

    Hi there, thanks for the effort but unfortunately it's not working with me, I renamed the file and dragged it successfully but the file doesn't wanna show up on my iphone, I have 3Gs iphone btw

  25. demogeek

    Hocine – this may sound like a dumb question but have you synced after you've added the file back to iTunes?

  26. keegan

    Hi, how many customised ringtone can there be synced to the iPhone? I used your method to add the first one and it worked perfectly (Thanks, by the way, for the tip. :) ) But when I try to get a second one to be synced, it did not appear on the list of the customised tune. Can there only be one tune for the customised ringtone section?

  27. clare

    i can only add one custom ringtone as well… is there any way to get multiple ones?

  28. chantelle


  29. Reidar

    If you can’t see the ringtone in your iPhone make sure the ringtone is under 40 seconds.

  30. Jobin

    Make sure the new ringtone is <30 sec. I couldn't sync my ringtone, until I made a new 29 sec one instead of 42 seconds.

  31. Cihangir

    omg dude. ur awesome. it works perfectly. great help. i really appreciate it!!

  32. demogeek

    Thank you Jobin for the clarification.

  33. demogeek

    Thank you Reidar for the clarification.

  34. jamila

    The directions were very simple and easy to follow, thanks!

    Just one question: can you have more than one custom ringtone on your iphone at once? I tried to ad more than one and it showed it in the 'ringtones' section of itunes but it wouldnt show up in the 'custom' ringtones on my iphone…when i removed one from itunes the other ones showed up on the phone. Can you have more than one at a time on the iphone?


  35. maria

    I am having the same issue as John, i am not able to change the file from an m4a to m4r file. I am also a pc user not mac

  36. demogeek

    Maria – Are you facing issue just renaming the file. I believe you are aware that you need to enable show extensions on your Windows Explorer so you can change the extension. Otherwise, it would be like adding m4r to your file name but the extension would still be m4a. Please let me know if you want me to explain that in detail. I hope it helps.

  37. demogeek

    Jamila – I think you need to make sure the length of the ringtone is not more than 30 seconds. I'm going to explain how to add more than one custom ringtones in a future post. Watch for one. You can subscribe to have you notified.

  38. ChK

    Hi there,

    I have the same question as Jamila…I see multiple ringtones in the iPhone ringtones folder, but when I sync, there's only one custom ringtone. Can I have more than one custom ringtone at a time??


  39. MikeGuz

    A well written detailed procedure… But you gotta be kidding me by calling this "Easily"… Easily is: "Put MP3 file on phone." Which, by the way, is how you add custom ringtones to every other SmartPhone on the planet.

  40. Raj

    If you double click the file on your desktop it will ad to your ringtones folder in itunes.
    You can see in Iphone settings.

  41. demogeek

    Raj – thanks for mentioning that.

  42. Liyana

    Ok…here is what I found…everything goes on as described above until some of you guys get stuck. To find the Import Settings…go to iTunes>Edit>Preferences>Import Settings>AAC Encorder (Most likely its already DEFAULTED)

    So…those ofyou who need to know how to enable file extension conversion on windows.
    go to My Computer>Tools>Folder Options>File Types>Advanced>check the Always show Extension option. THis will show the extension on your .m4a file. Now you can change it to m4r.

    Add the .m4r file to your itunes and it will appear under Ringtones.

    I suppose everything else is easy. Chose ringtone, sync and the rest is pretty easy (:

  43. demogeek

    Liyana – thanks for the explanation…I was already working on a post to explain this in detail…expect a post soon.

  44. demogeek

    Liyana – what do you mean?

  45. Liyana

    I was just wondering how my picture got here?

  46. Guest

    Didn't work. Unable to change from m4a to m4r. Using a PC. iTunes 9.

  47. dev

    excellent tutorial… thanks

  48. lozzajm

    Hi guys – try adding it direct to your Ringtones folder in your iPhone through iTunes once you've converted it etc – I was pulling my hair out trying to figure it out and when I tried this, it worked and I now have a custom folder in my iPhone sounds with my new ringtone!

  49. Scott

    I tried making the ring tones 29 sec and I can still only get one custome ring tone on the phone at a time. Any ideas?

  50. Bob

    This was a real good tutorial but i cant get more than one ringtone to show up on the iphone (32GB 3GS). I have synced them all (5) and they are all shorter than 30 sec.

    When i delete the one i see on the iphone it shows the next one instead and so on. It seems like they are in the background somewhere but i cant make all of them visible at the same time so i cant choose which one i want to use.

    Any idea what the problem could be?

    Using windows and latest itunes and firmware.

  51. pinky

    there si no ringtone section in my itunes

  52. sharon

    go to iTunes file, preferences, general tab and make sure your 'ringtones' box is checked

    then it should show up…i'm having same problem as others, creating AAC files, deleting originals, getting ONE custom tone in my phone, but no others! all under 30 secs…hmmm…

  53. bart

    my phone does not show the heading “custom” in the ringtones, anybody know wats up? i did everything else properly, i know it. help help help*******

  54. bart

    ooh, nevermind, i deleted it and readded it and it showed up

  55. dude

    you have to make sure to delete the aac file first before you drag the new m4r folder to itunes

  56. dom

    how do you change it from m4a to m4r on pc? i have tried almost everything and i am just starting to get mad at myself!! please help!!

  57. demogeek

    dom – you might want to turn on revealing extensions on your Windows machine. If you don't know how to do it please follow the instructions on this post, Display hidden files and folders in Windows. Make sure to uncheck the option that says "Hide extensions for known file types". That should reveal the file extension and you should then be able to rename the file to change to the m4r extension.

  58. Hafizah

    Thanks! Worked perfectly =)

  59. NLD09

    I used the program PhoneForge to convert any mp3 files into the m4r format but the iPhone would not show more than one ringtone. Does anyone know the solution for this?

  60. Bennysdad

    i am able to shorten lenght of song i want, and make a copy of it. once i find the song portion in Computer>Music>My iTunes,
    i am not able to change from >m4a to .m4r
    as a matter of fact, when i drag copy from itunes to desktop, it isnt even lister as (song name).m4a
    it is just titled with song name.
    i see that it is indeed a .m4a file when i go into details of file, but i cannot for the life of me change the name/format

    i am using windows vista…does this matter?

    please email ny help to

    thank you

  61. demogeek

    Hi Bennysdad – Please see my response on dom's comment.

  62. carvitara

    Hi.Ive just put 3 ringtones in using this method.Made surei deleted the song out of itunes after i dragged it to my desktop.Then changed the file ext and dragged it into my ringtone folder,Synced and they were in a custom folder in sounds on iphone.

  63. Suraj

    I also did the "show file extension" and it is still not showing the file extension when i move the file to the desktop so i can change it from .m4a to .m4r

  64. Suraj

    N/M I didn't choose the extensions .m4a and .m4r to "show the file extension" I only choose AAC.

    THANKS! It worked!!!

  65. Alan

    hey keegan, i am having this problem now. did you ever figure out how to solve this? when i drag multiple ringtones to my ringtone folder on my iphone, all 3 will show as copied to my phone in itunes, but only one will actually appear in my iphone settings. and its not always the same one, depending on which one i select first.

  66. choh

    I've managed to place 3 custom ringtones in but is that the maximum?

  67. demogeek

    Folks – for those of you having issues adding multiple ringtones to your iPhone, here is a post that walks you through on how to add multiple ringtones to your iPhone. I apologize for taking a while to post this.

  68. holly

    Yup, same problem here. This is so frusterating!!!!!! Can you please help???????

  69. Cheryl

    I've had the same problem but just figured out a solution!! Once you've made sure you have deleted all the ACC files from itunes, drag your m4r files into your ringtones folder on your iphone, then click on your iphone icon under Devices. From the iphone manager page, click on the ringtones tab, select "Sync ringtones" option, Select all ringtones and click on sync button at the bottom of the page. This should work.

  70. Ashley

    I have the exact same problem! I need a solution PLEASE!!!! Anyone!

  71. anubisjazz

    For those with the problem of not having a custom folder…I had the same problem. The solution is simple. Start over. I turned everything off, deleted the created ringtone and went back step by step and it finally worked. One note however. You can't manually manage your music. You must use the check box method, which will assist later if you want to add more than one custom ringtone. I lost all my music and had to re-add it, but I have a custom ringtone folder now. Hope this helps. Pass the word.

  72. Veron

    I have done all the steps above but my iphone only has the standard ringtones (Alarm, Bell Tower, Crickets…) but there is no "Custom" tab. Please let me know how to get the "Custom" tab.

  73. Chris

    I check that there is a ringtone folder under my device ini itunes but the custom folder cannot show in iphone….. why ? anyone can help ?

  74. Mona

    I have the exact same problem !!!!

  75. cyn

    how to delete AAC file??and where??i have m4r at my desktop now.

  76. Ryan

    I have the exact same problem… I havent find that option yet ):

  77. coy

    my iphone only displays 1 ringtone but i put a bunch in any clue why?

  78. paul

    i can only get one in my custom folder on my iphone at a time :0s

  79. John Bino

    Thanks a lot. One thing though…in iTunes, to create AAC version click on 'Advanced' tab on the menu bar and then click 'Create AAC version'.

  80. DDLee

    i am having the same problem too. only 1 customised ringtone is added, is there any way to get multiple?

  81. Colin

    This solution work fine. No problems.

    "I am having the same issue as John, i am not able to change the file from an m4a to m4r file" This would be a windows issue probably because you have not changed folder view options to "show extensions for known file types" or you don't have permission to change the file

  82. Summiezig

    Thank you!!! This was the step I got stuck on, but it worked fantastically!

  83. Summiezig

    Hey there! The "Display hidden files and folders in Windows" link above seems to be broken…

  84. demogeek

    Not sure what you meant. It seem to be working. Please be a bit more specific and I'll do my best to get that fixed. Thanks for your time.

  85. DR MA

    hmmm.. i had the same problem before but it settled already…. Alhamdulillah… yearghh!!
    what did i do?? HHmm.. I just followed the instruction above, but make sure the length of the song is less than 30sec… it a must!!! (before this I took the whole song.. that was the problem). as I sync, surprised! the custom feature was automatically there and i can play my favourite ringtones now..
    Just have a trial.. all the best!!!

  86. Keena

    remember that you might have to rename your ringtone for it to sync onto your phone from itunes

  87. Keena

    you also might not have a custom ringtone option but not to worry, it will show once u actually sync your own custom ringtone

  88. Kellen

    John, it is a PC problem.
    Quick fix should take care of it.
    Open My Computer
    -Folder Options
    Then scroll down until you find "Hide extensions for known file types"
    Uncheck that box, Apply. This should allow you to rename to .m4r

  89. Davey Lue

    Works perfectly ! – PC user with iPhone 3GS – software 4.0

  90. nancy

    Nope, doesn't work. My ringtone is 25 seconds long. No "custom" bar appears on the ringtone section of my phone.

  91. irfan

    not working in iphone 3gs os 4

  92. nikki

    on my itunes library, there isn't a tab that says ringtones.. any ideas?
    also, when i went to rename the file from m4a to m4r, all i did was right click, and rename it.
    ^ is that correct?

  93. demogeek

    Nikki – Don't know why you are not seeing Ringtones on your iTunes. Which version of iTunes are you running? Also which version of iPhone do you have? If you are using Windows you need to make sure under Tools > Options that you enable showing Windows file extensions so you can truly rename them.

  94. JH55

    Do what Cheryl said – worked great for me.

  95. raj

    Make sure Sync Ringtones is checked in the Ringtones tab in itunes

    Also under Edit/Preferences/General, make sure RingTones is checked (wasn’t for me)


  96. Tasha

    My computer wont let me change the extension from m4a to m4r. I can not click on it. What do I do?

  97. Tasha

    Hey there I changed the file name and it is saved on my itunes as a ringtone on my phone icon but when I open my phone the ringtone is not there? What do I do

  98. Terence

    Thank you so much! !!! you rock!

  99. Kris

    Hey everyone, I just thought I'd let everyone know a few things that I figured out and I hope it helps. I had been having the same issue of only being able to add a very limited number of ringtones to my iphone. I was trying to manually add/manage my music/videos/ringtones. Music and videos worked fine; but I wasn't able to add more than three ringtones, and even that was sketchy (wouldn't all show on iphone).

    However, I was able to add more than 1 or 3 (which was all I was previously able to add) by checking the sync ringtone button and adding the ringtones to my library folder rather than drag and drop directly into the iphone. Drawback is that it initially erased my movies and music when I did it, but it did allow me to add as many ringtones as I had created. I had a total of 5 so far. Also, now I have to manage music and videos through itunes library too. Haven't figured out a way around this yet, but ringtones now all appear which is good! Hope this helped

  100. demogeek

    Kris – much appreciated your explanation, hope it helps those who are having issues adding custom ringtones to their iPhone.

  101. Ram

    Great help. TY.

    Wonderful instructions..

  102. Margee

    Everything has worked great, however, I have a clip that is only 2 seconds long and it shows up in my itunes as a ringtone, but it won’t go on to my iphone. Is it too short? Is there a way to get it to repeat that will make it longer and thus able to be a ringtone? I had no problems with it being a ringtone on my Motorola Q. Thanks!!

  103. Jaffa1

    Perfect Guide. Thank you very much.

  104. Louise

    How do I get a custom ringtone folder on my iphone, I only have purchased ringtone folder??

  105. macglob

    I found RingBuilder here to create ringtones on the Iphone:… =)

  106. HABIB


  107. blackwolf

    i can't believe none of you figured it out yet. after playing around for at least an hour i figured out it only works if you HAVE MANUALLY MANAGE MUSIC AND VIDEOS UNTICKED!… <– RIGHT THERE CLEARLY SHOWN!

    i have about 15 custom ringtones on my iphone 4.

  108. blackwolf

    oh and you can then tick the manually manage music and videos back on and the ring tones will stay. only problem is if you wanna add a new one in the future you have to start all over and all your stuff will be wiped so back it up :)

  109. BieiNY

    Just follow all steps as it's described here! Worked for me!…

    Have fun!

  110. stustu

    i can get to the last stange but when i try to drag it into my ringtones it automaticaly places it back into my music folder and not my ringtone folder how can i stop this from happening please please help its really bugging me now

  111. Amol

    I am unable to convert "m4a" to "m4r" ?

  112. Linda

    I was able to get through the step where you change the extension. I have it sitting on my desktop and deleted the other one from my library. but I can't get it to my ringtones. Please help.

  113. Jenny

    you just click on it and change the file name, u just replace the a at the end with an r. that automaticaly converts it. Then drag it into itunes and make sure it has a title and artist and then sync with your phone and it should work.

  114. Shadi

    Thank you. worked like a charm :)

  115. demogeek

    Linda – when you say you were not able to get it to your Ringtones folder did you mean than you were not able to drag and drop the file to that folder? Please make sure to delete the other file before dragging this new one. Let me know and I'll see if I can help. Thanks.

  116. demogeek

    Amol – if you are using Windows please make sure that you can see Windows File Extensions on your Windows Explorer. Without that you won't be able to change the extension. Please let me know if you don't know how to do this. Thanks.

  117. demogeek

    Make sure you have your manage ringtones manually option set on your iTunes. Without that it won't work. Please see the other comments here for details. Thanks.

  118. Jennifer

    THANK YOU! I was just downloading some funny ringtones and couldn't figure out why only one of the ringtones saved to my phone. Synching ringtones in devices worked!

  119. Park

    the sep that says "move the .m4r file that’s on the desktop to the Ringtones folder on iTunes".
    The ringtones folder won't let me drag the file in. Please help

  120. demogeek

    Park – make sure you have the "manually sync music files" option check on your iTunes.

  121. Chris

    park just delete it from itunes and redo add to library of m4r (saved in separate folder) file, it will go directly in ringtones

  122. Alicia

    I am trying to assign different custom ringtones for different contacts. Everytime I add a different ringtone it seems to overwrite the previous one, because it will not show more than one ringtone in "Custom"

  123. Alicia

    I am having the same problem. This is crazy

  124. demogeek

    Alicia – please see this post on how to add multiple ringtones to your iPhone. Hope it helps.

  125. danny

    Awesome it is this was helpfull Thanks for the Website!

  126. menaka

    this didnt work. It doesnt show up as an M4a file to rename it in the first place and theres no ringtone folder on my I Tunes window

  127. menaka

    I have the same issue, I can rename it not change the m4a to m4r. Im also a pc user. any solution yet?

  128. demogeek

    Menaka – make sure to have your Windows Explorer display the file extensions and then you should be able to do this. Read through the comments here to see how.

  129. Jason

    Im having the same problem. When I change it to .m4r it open it as Windows media player.
    If you have a personal email can I check this with you. I even clicked on ringtones and try to add it to the folder but it wont even open

  130. Jason

    It actually works for me now.
    You need to go to control panel – folder options – click on view – under hidden folders and files – make sure hide extension for known file type is unticked.

    Go to very helpful

  131. belinda

    Hi There, i did the tutorial on adding more than one ring tone but it still didnt work. Only one custom made ring-tone shows on my phone. that was the origin alone. I made sure i unchecked the manually managing check box as well. The second ring tone even shows up in the tab. I tick the box. But when i press sync it only seems to bring the first one. It loads my music and photos fine but limits me to one custom made ring tone. Any help would be appreciated

  132. Marcelo

    Superb! Worked flawlessly after I read some of the posts. I could not convert the file to the .m4r extension, had to change the windows preference and after that it worked like charm.

  133. mee

    i only got 1 ringtone on in settings bu on itunes i have all of the ones i made what shuold i do

  134. demogeek

    Make sure you have the manage ringtones manually checkbox checked on your iPhone page on iTunes.

  135. jen

    Thank you!!!!!!!!! much appreciated

  136. Bre

    There is a much simplified way of creating custom ringtones…..first u can fields am app called magic ringtones there is a free app a one for .99 cents the free one customized the ringtones for 20 secs the pd one for 40 secs once the app is downloaded customize and save…connect to iTunes ..under Ur gone summary click apps at the bottom U will c the ringtone app and next to it is the custom ringtones… Simply add to Ur computer music file….open file drag/double click to add to iTunes… Sync Ur done…. Second go to find the uploaded or customize urself ……it's free click get ringtone u will be asked to imput Ur number and password if u don't have one create one it's free….click download iPhone ringtone u still have the option to customize or just download…. It will automatically be saved as a ringtone save it to my music…if u don't have iTunes open…. Open iTunes …click file….then add file…browse window will appear click file in folder u saved it in and voilà it appears in Ur iTunes ringtone folder sync and enjoy….it's really quick and fool proof I download 18 ringtones in 20 minutes and have a total of 60 one for every contact enjoy

  137. alice305

    I don't have a ringtones folder in my iphone device, so i don't know where to put my custom ringtones. What do i do, how can i get that ringtones folder?

  138. amanda

    first of all i dont have a ringtone folder?? how do i get one??

    secondly in my itunes V10.0 there is no options to convert AAC version??

    please help

  139. Mark

    Ok I’m still an idiot. I have iPhone 4 and iTunes 10.whatever…on my phone I only have standard ringtonea there is no option for a custom ringtone. On my CPU I do have a ringtone folder and it is on my phone but I can’t use the ringtone because there is no custom ringtone option..what am I doing wrong here..I’m about to use my iPhone app with the gun and point it at myself!

  140. Edinfrance

    Yeah, I'm not finding a custom window after two synchs, although I've done everything religiously as you showed it in your excellent tutorial. iPhone v. 4.1, iTunes 10.1.

  141. demogeek

    Make sure you have the "manually manage ringtones" option checked on your iPhone home page on iTunes. Hope that helps.

  142. GT

    My iphone doesnt have a custom ringtones section in ringtones, help?

  143. Ronald Martens

    I followed instructions changed the extension. And found music in ringtone.(itunes) Dragged into iphone ringtone when phone was connected. In iphone (contacts) changed ringtone found new ringtone in custom. Took me about 2 minutes to do all and it worked. I can't understand why it would not be easier like other phones and need to go through this procession.

  144. Sir TY

    It's a teadious process but in considering teh alternative it's well worth it. I've added 20 ringtones at once to my iphone and it works perfectly. Looking to add at least another 100 soon. Cheers mate

  145. CHZN|1

    hey guys ..i did the steps …all worked..but ringtones aint syncing :/ whats the problem??

  146. S_K

    Thanks for your help. I was able to set my own ringtone with your instructions.

  147. angstygal88

    "why does only one of my ringtones show up under Custom ringtone in my iPhone4?"

    i was looking through the internet and I just couldn't find a solution so I asked my friend (who's been using a 3G n recently switched to 4G) for help and it turns out that, if you've deleted the AAC files in your itunes and you've synced but only one ringtone is shown in your iphone settings (even though all the ringtones are shown in your itunes and/or iphone), this is what i did,

    put all your ringtones back onto the desktop(so in case you've deleted them into your trashbin) and drag them into your itunes – ringtones again, then drag them into your iphone – ringtones. i couldn't auto sync my ringtones because itunes threaten to delete all my movies n songs (a very stupid function indeed) and i can't risk doing that so I dragged them in. do try :) hope it'll help.

  148. Angello

    Great! Worked in my iPhone 4. I didn´t know it was so easy.

    What about sms tones?

  149. microteque

    drag it from the ringtone folder of the library to your iphone ring folder…

  150. ifung

    I have no RINGTONE folder…. TT__TT

  151. Pa Am

    Thanks a lot…
    It’s work for me..
    after 2nd time trial,
    for me not copy to desktop but to itunes folder inside my doc.

  152. MaryLn

    Read all comments thus far, but have a different problem… I made ringtones, added them to iTunes, synced, etc. The phone recognizes them (5 so far) as custom ringtones. So far, the process has worked beautifully.

    Here's my problem… I can't hear the ringtones on my phone. I heard them in music folder; I heard them after I renamed them as m4r; I just cannot hear them as ringtones on phone. True, I'm far from computer savvy and I'm sure it's something quite simple, I just can't figure it out. PLEASE HELP???

  153. demogeek

    MaryLn – I'm not sure but I have a feel that may be you might want to check the length of the ringtone files and might want to test play the ringtone on your local machine to make sure the file is not empty and has some audio content. Let us know how it goes.

  154. tegan

    i followed all the steps aswell, and there is no "custom ringtones" section on my actual phone.. please help.

  155. herry

    It works! after changing the file from .m4a to .m4r, remove the .AAC version on your iTunes first, then click on file on your iTunes and Add File to Library, then choose the the .m4r to add, then sync the iphone, then you will see the custom folder.

  156. Tony

    I have tried every last thing in detail on this thread.
    My iphone 4 has no custom ringtones folder
    My itunes has no ringtones tab.
    Help help and more help please

  157. Tony

    I have tried every last thing in detail on this thread. I have an iphone 4
    1..have no custom ringtones folder on iphone 4
    2..itunes I have no ringtones tab
    Please..Help Help Help.. I can't take the standard rings

  158. demogeek

    Tony – I'm not sure why you can't even see the Ringtones tab. I would recommend you read through the comments here and may be the answer is there.

  159. Tony

    I did.. I even purchased the ringtones from itunes. Still not cusom ringtones folder in iphone and no ringtones tab in itunes? Any idea?

  160. demogeek

    Tony – not sure if this would really help you but go into your iTunes Preferences pane and make sure the "Ringtones" checkbox is checked on the "Show" options list. Let us know if that helped.

  161. Marius

    i have a question:) why we can see just one ringtone on sounds costum? i put 5-6 ringtones on my phone but i can see just 1:-?? it's crazy!

  162. Tony

    Tried that too.. Still nothing. the ringtone shows in my music file but I cannot drag from desk top to ringtones file in itunes.

  163. mehdi

    i don't even have a "RINGTONE" folder on my itunes

  164. Roon

    Great work, worked like a charm. iPhone 4 IOS 4.2.1. Snow Leopard 10.6.5, iTunes 10.1.1

    Got my favorite homemade ringtone back.


  165. phone farmer

    I am shopping for a new phone… has come down to either an iphone 3G S or a Motorola Bravo. I have to say that this discussion is steering me to the Bravo. I like custom ringtones–they make my phone my own. I've created ringtones by recording the wonderful whinny of my wife's horse. The instructions for creating a ringtone on an Android phone: "drag mp3 file to ringtone folder." Voila. I enjoy my ipod and many of Apple's interfaces, but this ringtone episode shows me that life outside Apple's fully controlled cage is much easier. Don't make me jump through hoops for a simple ringtone. Hello Android.

  166. MaryLn

    Thank you for your reply. Test play works fine. Everything is perfect until I go to Settings>Sounds>Ringtones>Custom; everything falls into place. It's just when I choose one of them I get no sound. If someone calls when I have it set, no sound while phone is ringing. I'm completely lost…

  167. Rahul Gandhi

    Thanks a Ton !
    It’s a nice tutorial, I Downloaded the ringtone with the help of the above tutorial.

    Thanks again…

  168. Luisa

    Amazing, It worked perfectly!!! Thanks so much for the clear and easy instructions.

  169. santosh

    am using windows 7 ican’t get how 2 rename .m4a to .m4r can u plzz suggest

  170. helen

    for some reason when i made the ringtone at the end of it there seems to be an extra clip that plays and its some random person saying hello multiple times! i have no idea how to get ride of it, help me please!

  171. Rhea

    updated to OS 4.2.1 and there is no custom ringtone option under settings so my ringtones didn't sync.

  172. Whailor

    This worked perfectly! Thanks for the tips, too bad adding ringtones to iPhone has been made into such pain in the… glutius maximus.. but this method works. Tried it and it worked at first try. Thanks!

  173. hm789

    Any way that the now custom ringtone can be moved or added to be a text tone instead (on iPhone 4)??

  174. kevin

    i did everything as u stated but i dont see a ringtone folder on my itunes

  175. Hilary

    Thank you everyone for ALL of your help! With the directions, and the advice on how to show the extensions, I was able to make six custom ringtones and now I feel like my iPhone is "mine." Thank you!!

  176. layniemoore

    everything worked except there is no custom folder in the iphone…. UUUUGGGGHHH

  177. Erin

    Someone please help me … i did all of the above requirements … yet when i go to my iPhone-settings-sounds-ringtones … i am only allowed ONE custom ringtone. How am i able to get more than one. I made at least 10 different custom ringtones but my iphone will only show one at a time. i'm not even sure how it is choosing which one it will allow me to use. PLEASE HELP ME :)

  178. Erin

    Oh…. I noticed that when i first synced my phone on iTunes there was not a ringtone tab … my ringtone tab did NOT show up until i actually purchased my first ringtone from iTunes … i hope this helps anyone trying to find the 'ringtones' tab …

  179. AZDiver

    My ringtone won't sync to the iPhone even though it does show up in the Ringtones folder of the phone when viewed in iTunes. No idea. usual apple shit.

  180. liko

    it work!!! thanks a lot

  181. jym

    I have 3gs. Did everything, My phone doesn't list any custom ringtones. There isn't even a "custom" section, just standard.

  182. Robey

    I've followed all the instructions very carefully, and a few times, but only one of my two 12-15 second ringtones gets synced. I did the first one originally, with success, so put another on and now the second syncs but the first has disappeared on my phone, even though it's in the iTunes folder. I made sure Manually Managed is unticked and I've tried syncing all and syncing selected. Any ideas?

  183. KayPR

    Same issue for me as many others, ie there's no Ringtones file for me to drag the m4r file to! :( Just doesn't seem to exists in my iTunes Media files.. but then where are the current ringtones being stored? Thanks anyway..

  184. demogeek

    For those of you who are not seeing the "Ringtones" folder, try this. Open iTunes application and go into "Preferences" and on the "General" tab and on the "Show" section make sure the "Ringtones" option is checked. Dismiss the dialog and you should be able to see the "Ringtones" folder now. Let us know if you still face issues.

  185. Apple

    It don't work, i got 2 ringtones of 20 secs long and it won't appear on my iphone!

  186. Lubo

    Thanks a lot, this saved me a lot of time!

  187. Potassium

    Awesome tutorial, wasn’t quite as easy as just following what you said, had to read all the comments and play around with a few things to get it to work but it did eventually. Thanks!

  188. T

    After all this and now the ring tone works great, what happens to all the ringtone icons on my desktop? Can i move or delete them or will this cause issues with itunes being able to locate the file?

  189. scott

    Does this work on iPhone 4 and if so, I dont get the ringtone folder on my iTunes, any help? :/ reply to pls

  190. Brian

    I don't Have a ringtones folder on iTunes? Is there a way to make it show up?

  191. Claire

    I dn't see a ringtones folder on my itunes… whats up with tht?

  192. Llyander

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to say, awesome guide, worked like a charm! Took a bit of manual jiggerpokery to make it work, but in the end it worked perfectly.

  193. Llyander

    I didn't have one either. If you just drag the ringtone into itunes, it creates one for you automatically.

  194. Llyander

    You have to go into the phone in itunes, go to the ringtones section and tell it to synch all ringtones. Typical Apple, they don't like to make it easy when you try to do something for yourself!

  195. nicole

    hii i managed to get this to work but problem is i cant see the 'custom ringtone' in ringtones when i go there!!

  196. nicole

    i have the EXACT same problem

  197. Lacey

    Thank You Thank You Thank You !! I'm so glad this works! :)

  198. linda

    i have done everything to ur instructions til u say open the ringtones in itunes, when i open my itunes i don’t have a folder named ringtones

  199. kriste

    nothing works,

  200. Kayla

    I followed every step exactly, I was able to convert from m4a to m4r, and put them in my ringtones folder from my desktop after deleting the aac versions. But, for some reason, they won't play on my iTunes (they all have the little exclamation point beside them) and they won't sync to my iPhone. They are all valid ringtone files from my old phone, and they were stored on an SD card. Before I converted to m4r, I was able to play them and sync them to my iPhone but only as a music file. I re-did every step twice. Not sure what the problem is. I would like some help, please and thank you. :)

  201. Ala

    Can I make more than one custom at the same time

  202. Tanas

    Works fine for me….Thanx a ton…

  203. Macleod
    #203 ringtones option on my itunes ..unless its hidden now.. fuck you apple

  204. Patrick

    Come on Demo Geek, you've been very quiet. How come it's so simple if there's been so many punters who haven't been able to do it! is it something apple has changed that shifted the goal posts? Have they made it harder? A look at their support website suggests so. They have the stoopid suggestion that the Garage band version used to create the ring tone should be burnt to a CD and then imported to itunes so it can be synched with the iphone! Why? It can only be about digital rights management: If it can be burnt to CD it must be a Kosher version. How stoopid is it to waste a perfectly good CD to do the transfer when it could be done entirely as a digital file.

  205. reza

    i have the same , before i could add multiple ringtone but now it can just add one !!!! i think iPhone must be update .

  206. bivek

    i didnt work

  207. Jamerican

    you are wonderful! I found your next post about SYNCING RINGTONES – THANKS!! That was what I was missing! Thanks so much! God Bless…

  208. Users

    I think, Apple makes everything more complicated. It's very difficult to use Apple iPhone.

    neways, you can use some software which can help you create Ringtones to be used in iPhone. It's Xilisoft iPhone Ringtone Maker

  209. chris dupuis

    dude ure beyond awesome, thanku so much =D

  210. Mimi Loh

    I created many different ringtones and they all show up in the "ringtones" folder in iTune. However, not all the ringtones got copied onto my iPhone. Also, the same ringtone got copied to my sister's iPhone and works but cannot be copied to mine. Anyone has the same problem? Any solution?

  211. gurtar

    only one ringtone shows in custom. hw can it show more

  212. Kelly

    Awesome! Thanks for the fab info! Just added my first ringtone to my new iPhone! You rock!

  213. Yam

    on your computer, go to Control Panel – Appearances – Folder Options- View- and uncheck Hide Extensions.

  214. Shaz

    Neither does mine. Could someone HELP please???!?!!

  215. Claudio

    it works! But damn what a pain in the @$$ procedure :( :( :(

  216. Che

    I have that same problem. I was able to copy three ringtones to my iPhone, but only one shows up in the custom ringtone selection.

  217. Mike

    I have the same issue. Why does apple make it so hard to make your own ringtone

  218. Dan

    If you're able to rename the file to m4r, add the file by going through iTunes file>add file to library. It will automatically create a ringtones folder for that file type. now if only the custom ringtones tab showed up in my iPhone 4, I'd be in business… Any advice on that one?

  219. Britt

    I don't have a ringtone folder showing up..what the hell? HELP

  220. demogeek

    Britt – make sure to have the "Sync Ringtones" option is checked on your iTunes after you connect your iPhone.

  221. demogeek

    Dan – did you check the "Sync Ringtones" option on your iTunes after you connect your iPhone?

  222. demogeek

    Che – take a look at this post about adding multiple ringtones to your iPhone 4

  223. Krain

    This worked great for me, thanks!

  224. Averil


  225. lwa

    Thanks demogeek, I had the same problem as Dan(218) only to find “Ringtone Sync” was not checked on my iTunes. Thanks very much you made my day.

  226. ADE

    this is the key! you have to 'add the new .m4r file' to your library. you'll then see the ringtone folder and it'll be ON!

  227. Courtney

    THANK YOU!!!!! I’ve been trying to figure this out and your solution worked!!! Thank you so much!

  228. 1995

    no ringtones folder in itunes

  229. Vivek

    Very informatic… Thanks

  230. Nowshad

    Very useful. Bought my iphone 4 last night. Was struggling to get custom ringtone. But this information is amazing

    Rating : *******

  231. demogeek

    I'm glad that you've found it useful Nowshad.

  232. saju

    how would i download bing to my iphone4 ? can you pleae advice

  233. Cahla

    Didn’t work at all. I get stuck at the beginning. I change the length of the song, hit ok but I don’t get a second version of the song to create AAC Version. Very frustrating

  234. Matt

    I found this problem, and was same name as a purchased ringtone, changed the name re-synced the phone and came up straight away. Was doing my sweed in before that :P

  235. Muhammad

    Thanks man,,, but it worked 50%,,,, till the creation of m4r file……….. after that i added to ringtones library, but it don't sync and give an errorrr…..
    have another solution, can help someone

    download "iphone browser"
    GO TO

    drag the .m4r file in this folder…. and that's all. u r done . great

    thanks man

  236. Mohammad

    right click file, rename…………

    click the file , press f2 and then remove m4a and type m4r

  237. TomC


  238. james

    ok so I had some problems as well. fiddle with the "manually manage music and videos" tab on your iphone main page. then add the tracks to the iphone's ringtone tab, not the itunes library. – irritating because now you have to manually manage your music. BUT the whole reason I want to do this is the customize my text and mail sound clips. how do I do this?!?!?!

  239. Casey

    Thank you!
    My itunes wasn't showing Ringtones in the Library, so I finally figured out I had to check that in the list of sources in preferences. The rest of the steps you described were very clear and worked perfectly.

  240. Venus

    What if I don't have a ringtones folder in my itunes?

  241. tylerb

    No custom folder on iPhone4. I did everything you said, but this doesn't work :(

  242. Ivan

    Gracias!!!!! Funciono de maravilla!!!!

  243. youngin1

    I forgot to change the times back on my original music file and now I can only get 30 seconds of the song. How do I fix that?

  244. craig

    Make a guide showing how to put custom TEXT TONES on the iphone please

  245. Nancy

    Ok. I used two different websites, this one (demogeek) and ehow's (which told to deselect the unhidden files which allowed me to change the file extension to m4r) and after I kept forgetting to delete the aac file, all together took me 5 hours (stopping and starting).

  246. Balu

    How to get Ringtones tab in itunes ?

    Open itunes —>
    Go to Edit in edit u will find Prefrences Ctrl+, click it —>
    In that go to General tab under that u find Sources in that u select Ringtones then click ok.
    Now u can see ur ringtones tab enabled.

  247. Shea Sonia

    iphone 4 can only have 1 custom ringtone :(

  248. Ash

    To make the custom folder appear on your phone, plug it in to your pc and then in iTunes on the pc click the options tab that shows you a checkbox to sync ringtones. Sync again and it should appear on your phone.

  249. pratik shrestha

    i don`t understand how to put ringtones on the 2 difficult please somebody help me.????

  250. Bob

    If you can't see the Ringtone folder on your Library, how do you make it show up? I have windows 7.

  251. merry

    yeay i can make it, thanks :)

  252. Nicardy

    had the same issue, but figured it out. make sure that you have selected to actually sync your ringtones in ITunes. eg: select your iphone device, then choose the ringtones option on the right hand side > choose sync all ringtones. definitely works.

  253. vince

    how many custom ringtones can you have?

  254. vaye

    Thanks Demogeek it works though i had to read comments and tinker with it for some time but now i have multiple custom ringtones.Cheers

  255. Cecilia

    You are the best……!
    IT WORKS…!!!!!

    Thank you so much,

  256. Silas

    i just cannot see the custom options on my iphone, please help…Silas

  257. chuck

    my problem is that my iphone does not have a custom section under sounds/ringtones, only "standard". How do I set up a custom section

  258. Mahesh

    Thank you for this useful post,works like a charm

  259. Raman

    You forgot to mention that people have to sync there RINGTONES as well !

  260. Joel

    Doesn't work at all, can't change the file to .m4r, there is no 'Sync' button on the new iTunes.. pissed off..

  261. Andy

    Does anyone know how many custom ringtone we make create? I have created 6 ringtones, and cannot one more!

  262. mee

    cannot get m4r's to drag into iTunes

  263. demogeek

    It was mentioned as one of the steps, but thanks!

  264. demogeek

    Which tells me that your ringtone was not synced properly. Please retry and see if it helps.

  265. demogeek

    That tells me that the custom ringtone was not synced properly. Please try again.

  266. demogeek

    Sorry for the overhead but I'm glad that it worked in the end!

  267. Siddhartha Tungare

    Wow!!! Cannot have been explained in an easier manner. The sync didn't work in my case though…So I dragged the m4r file directly to my iphone via itunes…

  268. jjfs

    Great – it worked! Easy to follow steps, but I never would have figured this out on my own!! Thanks!!

  269. Julie

    The instructions were very clear – it worked perfectly for me! I never would have figured this out on my own!

  270. Nestux

    Cool, for me work so fine, thaks

  271. Johnny

    Thanks, man; this is awesome!

  272. alycia duffey

    Yes, john you can! It's just a bit complicated… You have to add all the ringtones you want AT ONCE! So, go to your ringtones tab under your iphone on your itunes. Clear them all from the list. Re-add all the ringtones from your ringtones tab under your music on your itunes onto your iphone AGAIN. They should all be on there!

  273. alycia duffey

    I have the answer!! Do this FIRST: Go to Computer tab on your start menu. hit the "alt" button on ur keyboard. the menu will drop down. hit "tools" then "folder options". go to "View" tab. UNCHECK box: "hide extensions for known file types." now start creating Ringtones!

  274. raymond

    how to rename it?? i cant rename it to m4r

  275. John Rambo

    I dont hv ringtones folder in my itune. can anyone here tell me how can I create it?

  276. jab

    there is no convert to AAC

  277. ankit

    there is no ringtone folder in my itunes :(

  278. Viral Patel

    yes, it work. i make ringtone from this guidelines.


  279. Omer

    thanks man it worked for me

    keep up the good work

  280. Ram

    It works…Thanks Nicardy

  281. dga78

    plug your phone in. the ringtones folder will appear.

  282. Spencer

    Mine was doing the same as everyone here, but I deleted a couple of songs from syncing and then it all of a sudden showed up… maybe you need a little extra free space to do it? I dont know if thats why, but thats what I did and it worked for me.

  283. Any


  284. Guest from Vulcan

    I just used your method of making a ringtone. I could not change the extension on Windows XP, but it worked perfectly on Windows 7.
    Well done! You saved me time, money and frustration. Thanks again…

  285. Siegfried

    Thanks a lot. It worked perfect. You just saved me a lot of money.

  286. Karen Berger

    I just got an iphone 4 and added custom ringtones using your very clear and helpful method up to the point of viewing Custom under Ringtones. This did not appear after just clicking on the Sync button. I went back to the Sync page which normally opens to Summary. In the menu bar there is the item, Ringtones. Click on this and then select Sync Ringtones and All Ringtones. [For me, this was not automatically selected, so my new ringtones were not syncing.] Click on Sync button. Then, the Custom option and all ringtones appear in iphone.

  287. Saabre

    Great, works fine, thanks a lot!

  288. Mugunth

    I have followed as same as the instruction and it just works great. I have able to add custome ring tone and assign into contacts…Thanks

  289. David

    The absolute last step is 1) click on your iphone in itunes. 2) click on Ringtones tab. 3) SYNC RINGTONES.

  290. SuperStellz

    I managed to successfuly convert the file from m4a to m4r file, and put in in the ringtones folder, and synced my iPhone, but when I go on settings, I couldn't find the custom ringtone in the list

  291. Sohil

    It worked really well… I clicked on Ringtones option and just imported .m4r file from Itunes file option, dragged file from ringtones folder to my iphone using itunes and it showed on my iphone Ringtone folder…….
    Thank you for the post.

  292. roy

    everything works perfect… no complications… demogeek u r d man!!!!!

  293. tyuh

    there is no ringtone folder in itunes

  294. negin

    it was fantastic . . . tnx ;)

  295. teresa

    i dont have ringtone folder in my library how cain drag the file there?!

  296. Sameena

    Thanks for info!!!!!

  297. Drew

    For anyone that is having a problem with this, or doesn't get the "Custom" option. Make sure the ringtone is available. I did this and moved the ringtones into another folder so they weren't in the right spot when I tried to sync. If you see the exclamation mark near them, they won't sync…ie, they won't show up on the phone…. = )


  298. zia

    Thank dude its working

  299. AAC

    Can't even get the same interface at Step 3 / AAC Version. Why don't you take the time to edit or delete your "helpful hints" when they're not actually helpful anymore? Just another BS time wasting "help" guide.

  300. SheenaTH

    This does not work with the new IOS 5

  301. Ingyen Filmletöltés

    This guide saved my time.Thanks!

  302. wilson

    how to convert m4a to m4ron windows>>>
    Control panel > Appearance and themes > folder options > view > uncheck hide extensions for known types

    rename file from: FILENAME.m4a to FILENAME.m4r

    i just did it, try it now…

  303. Erik

    my itunes doesn't have a ringtones tab in the library section.

  304. Olga

    It is easier to just download an app call "RMaker" from the ITune Store… For free!!! '_'

  305. Sagar

    Thank you so much for this post. Everything just worked great. I am able to see Custom Ringtones

  306. Tom H.

    No problem until add to ringtone folder on itunes step. Won't drag and drop, or copy to the folder. Using itunes v.10 because older versions apparently won't work on the iphone 4s. Any ideas? I'd hate to lose all the music ringtones I have.

  307. Beth

    My file is converted to m4r but no matter what I try it WILL NOT go into ringtones.. Any suggestions :? I have iTunes 10. I've put it on my desktop, in a separate folder, deleted and retried, dragged to ringtones folder.. this is getting really irritating.

  308. Poko

    It spent me half day to find a result from online.
    Go to the following link and it explains all.…

    My downloaded music finally appears on my iPhone 4s now….yeah~~~
    Good luck everyone~~

  309. tangerine army

    dont forget to sync ringtones in your iphone within itunes – i did and it took me ages to work it out !!!
    works a treat .did mine on a laptop running windows xp no problem – thanks a lot

  310. adam

    It doesen't work anymore. New iphone 4s with new Itunes which doesn't have ringtones folder. bollocks.

    Cheers anyway

  311. MFdaSm

    Great help! Thank you so much!

  312. Chitrang

    the custom ringtone section doesnot show up in my iphone the ringtone is for 22 sec it is there in my itunes but when i sync it doesnot appear in the iphone please help !!

  313. raw

    for all the people who are having trouble adding their custom ringtones…. the ringtones file is brought up by edit preferences and checking the ringtones box… now for the fact that it wont drag and drop.. if you are one of these unlucky few (like me) you have to copy the files to your desktop first… then you have to highlight and copy the file like you would a text on the web… then you click the ringtones tab that you added to the library a little earlier and go to the edit tab next to the file tab and click paste!!! and there you have it! the million step way to add custom ringtones!! ENJOY :-) trust me it took me a good 30 mins to figure this out hahaha

  314. raw

    for all the people who are having trouble adding their custom ringtones…. the ringtones file is brought up by edit preferences and checking the ringtones box… now for the fact that it wont drag and drop.. you have to copy the files to your desktop first… then you have to highlight and copy the file like you would a text on the web… then you click the ringtones tab that you added to the a little earlier and go to to edit tab next to the file tab and click paste!!! and there you have it! the million step, and only way, to add custom ringtones!! ENJOY :-) trust me it took me a good 30 mins to figure this out hahaha

  315. Anne

    Worked like a charm on my iPhone 3G :) Thank you

  316. LTD

    I have this same issue, using iTunes 10 and iPhone 4. I have 14 custom made ringtones, and about 5 don't show up. Any ideas?

  317. Glitter-Girl

    A lot of steps, yes, which you need to carefully follow: but it definitely worked for me.

    Person who posted, you are a genius, I love you!

  318. Alberto Martínez

    I´ve done all the steps but the downloaded ringtone doesn´t appear in the ringtones list. (Last Step).

  319. Jeff

    In iTunes, Edit, Preferneces, General, check the ringtones box. Now you will see it in your library.

  320. Jeff

    To view ringtones folder, go to iTunes, Edit, Preferences, General and check the Ringtones box. It wil now be available in your Library.

    Instead of copying the file into Ringtones, just play the file from your PC and it will auto add it to the ringtones folder.
    Then sync, ensure you have sync enabled on the Ringtones Tab.
    Cheers and Beers

  321. Maja

    Thanks man, works great, you couldn't explain it any better!!! Even I understood lol lol

  322. vimal jain

    i converted d file to .m4r & also added it to itunes (Ringtones tab). But when i sync d ringtones ….. it is not showing in my iphone ……. wat am i suppose to do to make it work ????

  323. D'Anna

    thans for tha info on how to do ringtones i did it with no problem

  324. demogeek

    If you are on Windows make sure to set the Windows Explorer setting that allows you to see file extensions. That should help.

  325. ljglgyulbhbylu

    i am pissed. this does not work at all!! i can even get it into itunes. i tried dragging it, adding it through itunes, double clicking it, nothing!!!!! i tried to add it an an mp3, m4r, wav. also, i cant turn it into AAC file, no option there!

  326. Celeste

    This worked perfectly! Thanks so much. I was trying to add a silent ringtone to my phone so that I could ignore certain people when they called, and this helped me enact the final steps of my plan. Now I can relax in peace while the phone rings, mwahaha! ;-)

  327. Steve

    Worked perfectly – just remember to delete the old versions of the ringtone form iTunes so that the .m4r shows up! Cheers:)

  328. nick

    THIS DID IT on my Iphone 4S!
    well, the "sync tones" was not selected in my itunes in the first place, so that was my problem.
    so when I synced my phone with iTunes it did not sync tones (&ringtones) just like it does not sync all of my music (because I don't want it to)

  329. YongHan

    Works perfectly fine for me. Thanks for posting this. Now I am able to enjoy my IPhone more that I used to…^^ Really TYVM…

  330. demogeek

    Thanks for pointing that out Steve.

  331. demogeek

    What OS are you using? In Windows you need to turn on the "show hidden files" option, just keep that in mind. Please share a bit more information about the problem and we can try to help.

  332. kim

    i have the 4s this is NOT working it won't let me drag to the ringtone section in my itunes and no customer folder in my phone help!

  333. meme

    it's working for IOS5? Thanks

  334. suitcase_17

    how do you make sure that sync is enabled on the ringtones tab?

  335. saza

    mine is iphone 4s and couldnt get the custom tab.. do u tink this method works on iphone4s??

  336. Ele

    Thanks a lot, it works perfectly for me :]

  337. Ev Uk

    Thanks a million mate, it worked really well… :D

  338. srikanth

    hurrayy !!! i did it … had the same problem of not getting the custom ringtone in my ringtone folder…tried downloading an App "Ringtone Pro" , work with it… it worked !!!!

  339. saddog

    my itunes doesnt have ringtones waaaaah

  340. Gmoney

    What do you do if there is no ringtones folder in itunes??

  341. Janet

    Great, thanks. After working through step by step and referring to other comments it works a breeze.

  342. BennS

    Itunes is not letting me shorten the length of my file. I've tried to change the length starting from 9 seconds to 29 seconds, click OK, then it automatically reverts back to the full length of the song. Anyone know what might be going on here??

  343. krishna

    Perfect! very helpful

  344. Debbie

    Thank you so much for not only the tutorial, but to everyone for their comments and help.

  345. Nick

    Great!! It is so easy and it worked for my iphone 4G!! Thank you :-)

    A) To change file extention check here:

    1. Open a folder or open explorer

    2. Click the Layout button (to the left of the Views button) as shown in the picture below

    3. Click Folder Options

    4. Click the View tab

    5. Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types

    6. Click OK

    B) if you can’t view your “ringtones” folder in itunes –> go to itunes View -> Preferences -> General -> Check “ringtones”

    C) once you make the “ACC” file, DRAG IT TO YOUR ITUNES MUSIC LIBRARY RIGTONES FOLDER (itunes > itunes music > ringtones)

    Make sure you connect your iphone and check your new rigtone AND SYNC :-)

    Good luck,


  346. sajid

    i not getting ringtone actually it is not visible in my ringtone tab when i click get info not hi-lighting please help me

  347. hanna

    i have the same problem!
    and i've synced my several times!

  348. hanna

    got the iphone 3GS and it won't work.
    done everything, up to the file in the ringtones folder on itunes and deleted the original + synced
    it still won't work! D:
    help please?

  349. Sam

    any new ideas guys? the newest version of itunes ( doesn't even have a ringtones folder

  350. Pavan

    Its excellent.. It worked.. Great work you did.. thanks much dude…. god bless you.. Post some more tips and tricks for Iphone4 or 4S

  351. Voltagezero

    I didint get a ringtones folder

  352. Porl

    many have said they have trouble trying to get the m4r file into itunes. the trick here is to first delete the shortened m4a file from itunes before adding the m4r. you should then see the tone created in the ringtones tab on the left side of itunes

  353. prettykenyan

    my options window is greyed out and i can't change anything on the start and stop time period. am using itunes version 10.5.2 for windows 7 and have a iphone3g please can you help?

  354. braden

    leave it to apple to make custom ringtones complicated…

  355. Cyndi

    Everything seems to have worked fine up until actually syncing the tone to my phone.
    I have manually dragged it onto my phone but it's greyed out and there's a arrowed circle (which is the sync icon) next to it. It's not available in my ringtone list.
    I have not got "sync tones" checked coz if I do, it will erase all my music & photos.
    Any way around this?

  356. Mahé

    What do you do when you don't see the ringtones folder (the one with the little bell) in the iTune lybrary?I tried to look for an option to add it in the settings, but can't find a way to make it appear. :-(

  357. Nani

    Everything worked until I tried finding the ringtone on my iPhone :C It synced to the iPhone and shows up in iTunes on my macbook, but the damn thing won't show up in my ringtone folder on my iPhone so that I can choose it. Help? :C

  358. Bkbombshell131

    Thank u so much.your a genius.u saved my life.i love u.xoxo

  359. Freerider

    This does work. I found that this doesn't work when the ACC file is not created by iTunes.

  360. Jacqueline

    Great guide, but when I get to “Once the file is converted to AAC version it generates a .m4a file. Drag the file to your Desktop (or any other location that you prefer).”, the file JUST has the title, it doesn’t have the .m4a at the end. The file is DEFINITELY being converted to AAC. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

  361. demogeek

    Jacqueline – don't know which operating system you are using but if it happens to be Windows then you might want to make sure to show the file extensions. Under Windows Explorer “Folder Options” there is a setting of a sort of “Hide extensions for known file types”. You might want to uncheck that option so Windows can show you the file extensions. There are a few great comments here that explains exactly what to do. Hope it helps.

  362. demogeek

    Please try the same again and before that I would recommend you read some of the great comments here and that sure would help your issue. Let us know if not.

  363. demogeek

    Well said Debbie…those great comments made it even more useful. Thank you for bringing that up.

  364. demogeek

    Try lessening the length a tiny bit more and see if it helps. I remember of having the same issue when I tried a slightly lengthier duration than the 8 seconds that I have in the demo. Hope it helps.

  365. demogeek

    Follow the comments here and they tell you how to make sure to enable the Ringtones folder in iTunes.

  366. demogeek

    It does have…it's just not enabled by default…there are some great comments here that tells you how to do that.

  367. demogeek


  368. demogeek

    Silent ringtone is a great idea!

  369. ashok

    after getting short mp3, i cant get the option create AAC version

  370. shiva

    In such case save the m4a format file in any local folder, and go to the menu bar and select TOOLS
    and select folder option and view and uncheck hide extensions for known file types.

    Then you will see the full file name with extension

  371. br158

    Thanks!!. really appriciate your instructions.

  372. MalEBou

    hey man don't listen to any of these other people. this works and its possibly the coolest thing ever. i really appreciate it and even if there are some people who have trouble dragging a song from their iTunes to their desktop, most people are making great use of this. thanks a bunch



    Worked great for me.
    I modified a few of the stepes lightly cause its faster for me, but the instructions are fine if u read them carefully.
    Also, go to ur iPhone, then go to tones, and sync tones. Faster than syncing entire phone.

  374. David

    i know what will fix it, go to itunes, and click on your iphone, then click under ringtones, and check the box that says sync ringtones :)

  375. BalaBOo

    i dont have a ringtone folder on all the latest updated software versions… :/ may be it is hidden? or addable?

  376. Some

    Once you open an *.m4r file, with iTunes, it will create a folder called "Tunes".

  377. Jacob

    I can't get the "Ringtones" tab, in iTunes. :/ I've converted the MP3 files to ACC (M4a). I have also renamed the files to m4r. But it did not seem to make any difference.. so, I can't just get the Ringtones tab. Please help me out here, I have not come this far before. :)

  378. demogeek

    Jacob - Please make sure you have the “Show Ringtones Tab” option checked on your iPhone's home page in iTunes. Without that it wouldn't show up. There are many comments here that mentions the same.

  379. PenlsPawnch

    The person who posted this needs to add on some more explanation that, once everything is done, you have to click on your iPhone icon in Itunes, click on the "Tones" tab, and press "Sync Tones". Lol, jesus christ, I spent a good 30 minutes wondering why it wasn't working xD.

  380. Kellz

    i followed your sets all work the only problem is that my phone does not display "custom" ringtone under settings? im stumped

  381. Guest

    I have done as instructed, managed to change the file to an .m4r file, but can't drag and drop it in the tones folder, it will only appear in the library folder, anyone else have this and found a solution?

  382. Mehul Jain

    Thanks a ton!!

  383. mk60543

    I am new to the iPhone & iTunes….I do not have an option to "Create AAC Version". I am using iTunes 10.5………..any thoughts on what I can do ? Do I need a different version of iTunes ? Or, has Apple figured out a way to block us from doing this process ? E-mails welcome, thanks

  384. Ritz

    I hav a problem…everything goes well till making the m4r file & then i drag it to the tones in my library (y doesnt it show as ringtone ) & wen i click on sync…it appears on my tones in my phone…bt i cannot see it in my phone….

  385. Pramodh

    Just change the name of the ringtone in itunes and sync with ur iphone…
    it works

  386. @Emilio1

    What worked for me: I didn't have it under 30 secs, and also you have to delete the .m4a, but clic on Delete File > Keep file, and then on the finder double clic on the .m4r file.

  387. brian

    Hi. I am on a pc and dont have a ringtones tab on my itunes.

  388. marie

    NICE DUDE WORK PERFECTLY on iphone 4 and great guide if you have some problem with the ringtones doesnt apear in your iphone just drag the .m4r in your iphone and thats it !!

    5 gold stars for you man !

  389. guest

    TRIPLE THANKS to Alycia! After struggling for *hours* trying to figure this out, her post did it for my iPhone 4 (bought in Feb 2011). A tip that might be helpful to others: In my iTunes, the tabs are named "Tones" and not "Ringtones." –Gail

  390. Jaylen Varsity

    for those that aren't getting the "Ringtones" tab and only have the default ones, it will automatically be listed when you drag the "m4r" to the "MAIN [Music] tab" not one of your playlists.

    Also another way for those that have followed but still unable to add it in for some reason, make sure to check the following:
    - Uncheck the "Hide file extension" for your folder options
    - When you've converted/created an AAC/m4a version – simply just drag the file that was created to desktop [you can remove it from your library if you want] – the file should be like
    "Ringtone.m4a" simply right click and rename the a to r —> "Ringtone.m4r" and click Yes/Okay when it prompts you about an unstable file extension.
    - Now go back to your itunes and select the main music playlist and drag the new file there hence a Tones/Ringtones playlist will be present now.
    - Plug in your iPhone and you're all set! just remember to go to Settings – Sounds

    and thank you to the poster who posted this :3 – I did this before but switched to android and switching back temporarily [since it went out for repairs]

    I can't live without music xD

  391. Frustrated

    I have tried everything. I have the new 4s and my ringtone appears in my tones folder in ITunes. I have Synced my phone but still no custom folder appears on my phone. How can I see the custom ringtone folder on my I Phone?

  392. Ryan

    In my Itunes there is no "custom ringtones" folder
    So.. I cant add the saved Mr4 file anywhere.
    Any thoughts

  393. Tim

    Works for me, MacOSX Snow Leopard, latest iTunes, iOS 5.01

  394. Harry

    make sure you put it in your computer tones first, then your iphone

  395. John

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  396. niko

    i cant find m4a file pleae help

  397. BigB

    I had the same problem. What fixed it for me was that on the screen that appears when you plug in your phone there are 8 headings at the top….Summary, Info, Apps, Tones, Music, Films, Tv Programmes and Photos. Click tones and select the sync tones check box…..sync your phone and the tones appear in your sound settings under ringtones.

  398. Kathy

    When I go to sync it it says are you sure you want to sync tones? All existing songs movies and tv shows on the iPhone will be removed. I really don’t want to lose all my songs?

  399. Pani

    there is no Ringtones option in my itunes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help me plz

  400. Ean Found Out How


    -Have a Nice Day!

  401. CAthy

    It WORKED for me Thanks very much I always wanted to do this .. thanks again.. Keep it up!

    FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO COULDN’T DRAG THE FILE TO ITUNES.. you have to click the file and iTunes will play it for you and it’ll automatically add onto your music lists.

  402. navin

    even it doesn't work on my iphone4s.

  403. NAVIN

    Any kind hearted ppl to help ?i want upload this particular song which is 20secs and after i sync to my iphone it doesn't appear and even there is no custom tab on the iphone4s.

  404. NAVIN

    Hi Guys ,
    Those who are using iphone4s if the ringtone doesn't appear in your phone make sure the length of the song is less than 20 secs and it will do the trick. If ur not sure how to reduce the length go to itunes>library>music>select the song and right click > go to Get Info>options>start time type 0:00 , stop time type 0:19> click the box > click o.k> then sync the song to your iphone. It will do the trick . Have fun with your favorite rigtones.

  405. sunil

    thanks sooo much

  406. gaurav137

    hey maria from your itunes right click and open it in windows folder then using folder tools options change ur folders setting to see file extensions and then change your extension.

  407. David

    all worked ok for 1 of 2 songs however when i synced the tones it took away all my other synced songs in songs folder. Damn Grrr

  408. David

    its ok i re-added my MUSIC then re-added TONES sync and all is ok and the 2 new tones are there and now set. YOU MUST make sure to add the new m4r files that you DELETE the AAC file in your iTunes Music Library, i noticed it was still in my library maybe it duplicated so check that it is deleted. EVERYTHING WORKED FINE & THIS IS TRULY AN AWESOME POST THANK YOU.

  409. Akiteflier

    TOTALLY cool – thank you!!!

  410. Carrie

    Everything worked until you do the ACC converter. It's an option on the import, but once I selected it, it doesn't show up, so I can't convert the file. What do I do?

  411. philm

    On the Mac, hold down the option key as you drag to the Tones window. Drag to the window, not the word "Tones"

  412. philm

    It works, you may doing something wrong. I'm running Lion and it works great.

  413. philm

    There is no Custom listing, but the new ringtones just show up above the ones included on the iPhone. This works great, thanks for posting this.

  414. naynay

    I just got a new iPhone 4S and this works perfect for me! Also, running up-to-date iTunes and IOS 5.01…Thanks so much!

  415. Jess

    Yes, the MOST important thing is to add it to the Library FIRST, then drag from the Library to the phone. After that, it shows at the top of your list of Ringtones and works great!

  416. H.Rick

    why do apple want it to be so complicated? its like a must to jailbreak the phone

  417. terminator

    Gr8, this is a perfect method.

  418. Jam

    works great, one question tho…how do you delete a custom ringtone once it has been already added?

  419. Clay

    I don't have a Custom Tab on my ringtones in my 4s phone. Anyone ???

  420. FAYZ

    i have also same prob

  421. Poojitha Prasad

    It works perfect…. thanks :)

  422. Concerned

    This worked great for me. Thanks.

  423. Priyank

    I am not able to sign the term and condition of sweetIM because i cant see the option of yes i accept…. the dialog box opens is very small that not able to sign it…

  424. jean

    hi have converted to r but i now have no option to delete older version from iTunes before doing next step?

  425. paul

    guys i didnt know how to turn it from m4a to m4r..its not workin where is that option ????..any help plz

  426. Linie

    I selected the ringtones to sync in the phone's Tones tab in iTunes (it could be called ringtones tab in the older version of iTunes), it then showed up above the standard ringtones in Settings -> Sounds -> Ringtone on my phone. I have iPhone 3s.

  427. ipopo

    Good explanation.
    worked first time!

  428. Jeffro

    Windows 7 users!!!! You are changing the name of the file but not the actual extension.

    To be able to change the extension from m4a, to m4r you need open the folder with the m4a file, choose organize on the window tool bar, choose folder and search options, the select the view tab, the uncheck the option for hide extension for known files types. This will now allow you to change the file extension and actually change it

  429. Zaki

    Hi , my I tunes doesn't show ringtone folder … Help plzzz.

  430. Elizabeth

    Well, I went through all these steps, tried countless little things – like trying to find the file extensions box to uncheck in Vista (which was a little maze) — I had to figure out how to make the "tones" show in my iTunes — did everything and still no go. Then I found another forum where someone suggested changing the name of the file (already in my Tones folder) – POOF – worked. I am using a PC running Vista; iPhone 3.

  431. john smeir

    can you reply to my email plz

  432. McD Khan

    The SYNCing part doesn't work!

  433. Richy

    I have dragged it to the tones, and sync it, but it won't show up in the custom for the ringtones

  434. Tooba

    I syncd my phone but I couldn't find the custom ringtone on settings =(

  435. Katrina

    I have an iPhone 4S and I have tried these steps numerous times, but when I drag my .m4r file from my desktop to iTunes, it shows back up as the full song. It doesn’t save as the 23 seconds that I had the AAC file set as. Please help!

  436. Joe Dirt

    There is no ring tone folder in iTunes library.

  437. Judy

    I have not seen this solution anywhere but it worked for me: First I put the m$r in the tones file under LIBRARY in itunes, then I simply moved the file from there to under my phone where it said TONES…and walla after 2 hours of following other directions, it showed up not under some custom folder, but right in with my other ringtones…

  438. vish

    works perfect! thanks

  439. DavidR

    Excellent Thanks a lot!
    iTunes 10.5.3
    ios 5.0.1
    iPhone 4

    Works perfect! Just make sure to delete the old .m4a & dragg the new .m4rExcellent Thanks a lot!

  440. Dr. Spiff

    When syncing in iTunes 10, be aware that there is a separate "tones" tab at the top of the sync screen. Also be aware that "sync tones" is not selected as a default. You must make sure that your new ringtone is selected for sync and then synced before it will show on your phone.

  441. Snowpine

    Everyone who has trouble changing file extensions to A4r ,,, look at what the commenter: Liyana had to say. It is a setting in Windows 7 you have to check in order to see the file extension. I have custom ringtones only because of her now. Thanks a bunch Liya

    Don't forget to check the box in the sync menu to add Tones to your device so they will show up.

  442. Frogger

    Genius! You have to put it into your library before adding it to you device! So ready to through it across the room.

  443. sameer

    my itune library dont have ringtone folder, how can i get it?

  444. Hema

    Thank you so much. It really helped me to set a ringtone of mine. Thanks, Hema

  445. Leah

    Really helpfull info on iphone thank you dont know what i would have done without ur help

  446. dilip

    ringtone folder not showin on my itunes

  447. hack3r

    Oh my god this is exactly what I needed. Thank you!

  448. Domingos

    Just like a clock…worked perfectly… many thanks

  449. Georgia

    I can't get the ringtone to show up anywhere on my phone! I followed the instructions and even tried multiple songs and read peoples comments and tried what they say and it will not work. I have the iPhone 4 3G for Sprint! Help? I don't wanna spend $2 a song on the sprint website!

  450. Jacko

    Once again apple engineers (note small case E) show everyone how stupid they are by pumping phone full of nonsense and ignoring all common tasks. MS is still the best of the bad bunch.

  451. Aru

    Thanks. This Worked.

  452. TahPaul

    Thank you so much ! I'm so happy like at first I was having trouble but then I realized the TONES folder didn't create itself because I didn't delete all history of the actual song from the beginning before I converted it .. I'm the happiest girl alive right now ! Aaaah Thanx lol

  453. Vijay

    That’s grt dude.

    Everythng works perfect?

  454. Happywindowsuser


    For PC users, to change the file type youll need to go to TOOLS > FOLDER OPTIONS >VIEW (tab) and DESELECT "Hide file extensions for known file types' YOU CAN NOW CHANGE THE FILE TYPE

    Other problems i had were NOT CLICKING SYNC RINGTONES in itunes, this is important.

  455. Guest

    It takes a little more than just these steps, but if you follow all the directions in the comments, it works. Thank you everyone!

  456. Zyloman

    I go thru the steps and the song is now in Itunes under "tones". I rebooted my Iphone and synced again, but when I go to Settings and Ringtones, I don't show a "Custom" header. I show the standard tones and at the top is a header for "Buy More Tones", but no "Custom". What's wrong?

  457. jose

    worked for me..but in a diferent way,
    first pick the song on your music list and select get info – chosee the time over the song.
    conver it to ACC

    go to itunes folder on my documents – music and select the file – change the extention to m4r – so you can pull it to ring tone folder over itunes – if you don't see the folder – go to the menu – preferences – mark tones

    after that- add the tones to the folder – then go to the mobile over the itunes – tones – then sincronize it and its ready…

  458. Kislaw

    It works for me on Win 7 & iPhone 3gs. Thanks a lot!!!

  459. Jai

    Thank you so so much XD works perfect

  460. Rajesh

    Success………….Too Good…. Thankssssssssssssss

  461. Sjoerd

    Works like a charm, just drag the file in and it will make a rintone foler

  462. Curtis

    I followed the directions exactly and couldn't figure it out. Then I changed the name of the file so that it was lower case and it magically worked.

  463. Helen

    To all those those having a problem getting the ringtone to sync to their iPhone, try the instructions on this link. Worked for me!

  464. mohammed

    oh thanks i got it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  465. Geo

    Hey that worked perfectly, thanks.

  466. Josephprasath.A
    #466 was working…amazing…thanks a lot….

  467. Hulya

    This post for those who went through all steps and able to have the ring tones in the Library but failed to sync them to the Iphones!!!Just drag them directly to the device tones tab!!!!!!!I spent couple of days playing around it would not sync to the Iphone finally read some article that was suggesting dragging the file manually to the device tone tab. And that was it for me!Hope this helps at least some of you!!!

  468. Meena

    I don't have the ring tones thing in my itunes library that's on the laptop, why is that? :/

  469. CLD

    It doesn't matter what created the AAC file. I converted a MP3 to a AAC file using a Windows port of FFMPEG (a command-line video/audio conversion tool natively available for *NIX OSes) included in Youtube Downloaders and works fine in iTunes

  470. CLD

    Nice article – Tweaked the instructions a bit to fit the circumstance, and works.
    Thanks for posting this up.

  471. pratik

    same problem here my friend if u get out this pro then pls give mealso this solution

    on behlf of ringtone i had radio then how i add in ringtone folder

  472. Star

    This didnt work at all when i right click the aac option are no where to be found and I have clicked on everything possible and dont see any way to find the import settings to change it idk it just doesnt have it any ideas??

  473. 2MeorNot2M3

    The only thing it says at the top of my phone is "Buy More Ringtones." Has Apple changed this to make more money? Like they need that!

  474. krystynel

    awsome !!!

  475. Tyler

    This shit dont work ive tried it three times and everytime it doesn't show up I've been trying since 2am and its almost 4:30am it's pissin me off

  476. Smoke77

    Open windows explorer, press alt, select tools, select folder options, view, and uncheck the box which says hide known file extensions.

  477. Naveen

    i didnt find ringtones tab in my itunes….can any one tell solution.

  478. andi adhit

    nice share dude..
    thx a lot, very helpful
    itunes 10.6.3 to iphone 4s…m/

  479. Anon

    Really appreciate the step by step here. By far the best of the 3 sites I looked at.
    Ringtone would not show up on the phone after a standard sync. However, I was able to simply drag the file and drop it into the iPhone "tones" folder while connected to the Mac.
    Thanks for the directions.

  480. Fizz

    I am unable to see the Custom Option in Settings/ Sounds/ Ringtones. iPhone 3GS

  481. liek

    heb net een i phone maar bij mij zit er dus geen ringtones in het menu alles goed gegaan met converteren maar kan hem dus niet naar de telefoon kopieren

  482. Edward

    The ringtone folder doesn’t pop out on my iTunes

  483. sam

    its not working ,,,bludyyyy

  484. sam

    yeh maria its not working

  485. Kel

    I worked it out!
    If you can't get the file into the ringtones folder, it's probably because when you deleted the AAC version from itunes you didn't select "keep file". If you keep the file all is well! :)

  486. vimarsh

    Works perfect
    iPhone 5
    iTunes latest
    iOS 6

  487. Kevin

    I have an iphone 5 and the latest itunes on Windows 7. I don't see a "ringtones" tab either. I do see "tones" though.

    My problem is that I can't find my text message tone under custom after I sync it to the iphone.

  488. laurel

    Mines doesnt say Convert to AAC anywhere… it just Says Get Info and rating…

  489. curt

    i had no problem getting the tone into itunes as an m4r. i am still having a hard time setting the ringtone to be used. ive run the stps over and over with the same results

  490. manju

    Just create 1 ringtone folder then convert all the ring tones to m4r format by using Format Factory software then just drag the converted ringtones to Itune Ringtone list

  491. ygor

    I don't have a ringtones folder

  492. Pippin

    Thanks! That did it indeed.

  493. taj

    on your computer, go to Control Panel – Appearances – Folder Options- View- and uncheck Hide Extensions.

  494. Zaid

    Guyz if u don’t find tones folder in iTunes then jus follow in iTunes menu EDit> preferences> general> there tick on tones. Taz it it will appear in d folder… Then to add a ringtone jus add file in iTunes library n then right click> INfo> OPtions> there u will find start n stop options. U select d start time n end time n click ok… Then return to d file n again right click on it n select create AAC version… It will convert ua file n now u can see two files there, u just drag d AAC file to desktop n then delete d file from iTunes library. While deleting u might get a popup there u select KEep file. Now go to any folder in ua computer > tools > folder options > View> uncheck hide extensions… Then return to desktop n rename d AAC M4u file to M4r file n drag it to iTunes tones folder n then sync it on ua iPhone… Enjoy….

  495. cheese ball

    i have the iphone 3rd generation and i did everything you said but the ringtone did not appear in my sounds section in my settings app. is my iphone too old?

  496. Barb

    Thanks, it worked the first time I followed your demo. Great demogeek!

  497. jai

    how do i convert it to m4r

  498. John

    Restarting iPhone helped in my case.

  499. HateMyiPhone

    This is so ridiculous, Why does is the Apple Co. such a bunch of Nazi's when it comes to flexibility and connectivity. I want my Droid back. :(
    At least then I could set ANY Mp3 file I had as a ringtone, text alert, or alarm noise. No hoops to jump through. EFF YOU APPLE.

  500. Emilie

    Thanks for the tip ! Everyone, make sure you have checked "Synchronize Ringtones" if you want them to be synchronized ;)

  501. Walid

    excellent instructions which i followed twice to the letter … but i cannot move the file to the tones folder of the library and i cannot add file to library …

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