Top 5 of the best Windows 7 themes for Windows XP

Download some of the best Windows 7 themes for Windows XP.


If you work in a corporate environment you might be stuck with the age-old Windows XP even though you might personally prefer the upcoming Windows 7 look and feel.

Of course, Windows XP cannot provide you with some of the best features of Windows 7 but you can make it to look like Windows 7. Here are some of the best Windows 7 themes for your Windows XP machine.

SevenVG RC Theme


SevenVG RC Theme is one of the best themes that can make your Windows XP look like Windows 7 without using any customization packs. This gives you better control of what you have to replace in your Windows XP machine than a customization pack that’ll force change quite a lot of system resources without you knowing much about it.

SevenVG Black Theme


SevenVG Black Theme is almost the same as then SevenVG RC Theme except that it comes-in a black version if you don’t like those blue colors of SevenVG RC.

Windows 7 V2 Theme


Windows 7 V2 Theme has a great touch of Windows 7 and has Aero as well as Glass style Taskbar. The Toolbars looks good as well with the background color.

Windows 7 Complete Theme


Windows 7 Complete Theme comes with a mix of Windows Vista and some Windows 7 flavors.

Windows 7 Theme for XP


Windows 7 Theme for XP from Sid Crafty is a simplistic theme that mimics the Windows 7 Taskbar more precise.

Windows 7 Mod for XP


Windows 7 Mod for XP is another simplistic Windows 7 theme that has a great looking Windows 7 Taskbar in glass. It looks the theme itself uses a lot of glass features. Looks cool.

These are some of the best Windows 7 themes for your Windows XP machine. Again, the point is to avoid those customization packs that force replace a lot of system files.

All these custom themes would require a patched “uxtheme.dll” file. It’s pretty simple, you need administrative privileges to do this but if you have the permission it’s pretty straight-forward.

For Windows XP SP 3
For Windows XP SP 2

I hope you liked these themes and I’m sure once applied you’ll love the new look of your old Windows XP machine.

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24 comments so far

  1. nintendo ds r4

    Beautiful themes lists are here and all the themes are very nice. I have downloaded the some themes for my windows XP and it's looking superb. Thanks for share with us..

  2. andrewdman

    my pc is not english if i use “Windows 7 Complete Theme” and replace files does it matters?

  3. demogeek

    It would be always safer to have a restore point created before you try anything drastic like these. If you don't know how to create a restore point please read this article that explains how to create a restore point in Windows Vista.

  4. andrewdman

    but my windows is xp :( so ?

  5. winter vans

    about the replacer utility.. should we drag the file 1-by-1 or all at the same time? then press enter? and it will replace my recent dragged file.. im confused.

  6. andrewdman

    1 by 1XD


    i cant get it on my xp it just doesnt come up as a theme

  8. bw7t

    you can get even more great themes from:

    and pop in and say hi in our forums

  9. vaishakh

    how does it the theme work pls help

  10. Ian

    Hi There tried to load the Window 7 mod did everything when trying to complete by double clicking on Reregister_ContextMenu. bat I get the following regsrv32 error – Loadlibrary failed("C:Program FilesFast ExplorerFEShlExt.dll")failed – The specified module could not be found. Please help what am I doing wrong?

  11. Navid

    how does it work… the themes… it seems dat its not workin

  12. Cristan

    i get the sam error message.. how does this work really? can someone please give a stupid guy like me a step-by-step instruction?

  13. Al B.

    I have not tried any themes on Windows XP, other than the Microsoft Zune theme.
    But now that I've been using Widnows 7 for some time, I wanted my old Windows XP box (I keep it around to play an old game I like) to look a bit "nicer", so I thought I'd try some themes.
    Thank you for this page – VERY nice looking result!
    Seeing some people had troubles, I'll post what I did to make it work on my machine – hope it helps!

  14. Al B.

    Here is how I got things to work on my XP machine …
    Downloaded the Windows 7 Mod for XP (had to use the "For XP SP2" link – but that's OK – go there and you'll see why) and then simply extracted and ran the UXTheme Multi-Patcher.exe file. Rebooted when prompted and then download the Windows 7 V2 Theme and extracted the files into a folder that I named, XP7Theme. I then went into that folder and found a folder named "Seven". In that folder was a file, "Seven.msstyles." I just double-clicked it. It opened the Disply Properties, Appearance tab and all I did was click "OK". Then I had a Windows 7-ish looking desktop, etc. (I did have to manually install the wallpaper, but the other settings seemed to work.)
    Hope that helps anybody who was having difficulty installing.
    Oh, I should also mention – I was using Windows XP Professional with SP3 and was logged in as the Administrator. On any other version of Windows (IE: XP Home) make sure that the user doing the installing of these themes has Administrative rights!

  15. Lerry

    Links for SevenVG and SevenVG Black themes need to be updated:

    SevenVG RTM –…
    SevenVG Black –…

    Also link to UXTheme patcher, How to Use –…

  16. demogeek

    Thank you Lerry for the links, much appreciated.

  17. unnatural

    does Windows 7 Mod for XP contain the log in scree i am really curios to know! ^_^

  18. zeeshan

    how to download these themes

  19. Know-It-All-PC-Dude

    HELP! I was trying to install the "Windows 7 Complete Theme" and now my PC won't stop rebooting! It goes until the "Windows XP" loading screen, but then it goes black and reboots all over again. It never reaches the desktop. :<

  20. ArtFreak53

    On “Windows 7 Mod for XP” everything works except for the glass features why? Please reply.

  21. Chino

    I tried the sevenblack VG theme, but the Icons does't change. it's still the same for xp. please reply.

  22. Rema

    if you have a skype i can send you windows 7 icons but your must find and download Icon Tweaker

  23. sathishvishnu

    Itis very looklikable theme.


    very sweet

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