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Keep an eye on iPhone app price changes with AppShopper.

If you’ve been using your iPhone to look for new and good iPhone apps then I’m sure you must have realized that it’s not the most efficient way to sift through the more than 100,000 apps in the AppStore. iTunes is there, but it is very limited in terms of drilling down to the apps we are looking for. Of course, a web interface might give you better control over discovering apps.

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Enter AppShopper. It’s a simple website that helps you discover new and the best iPhone apps in a lot simpler and efficient way. It just provides you with a bunch of filters for you to drill down to the apps that you might be interested.

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When you hit the AppShopper home page you’ll see a run down of the recent app changes. This could include totally new apps, updated versions or a price change. If you keep up with AppShopper everyday then this would be your list to just quickly skim through.

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The above list would include all categories of apps. You can narrow down to a specific category out from the list of above categories.

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By default the apps are sorted based on their popularity. But there is a Control Center panel which gives you more control over how you want to drill down to the list of apps that you might be interested.

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One of more interesting usage of AppShopper is to find out any prices changes to our favorite apps. Hit the “Price Changes” tab at the Control Panel and you should be able to see a list of apps that has their prices changed lately. Clicking on the “Buy Now” button will take you to the iTunes store where you can complete the purchase.

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To find out about how an app is performing at the App Store you have to click on the app name to get to the details where you see on the right side a nice list of app activity with the exact dates. This would be a very useful information if you wanted to watch an app at the App Store.

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There is also a Top 100 list where the apps are listed based on their position over at App Store. It even indicates you of the performance of the app.

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If you are overwhelmed with the list of apps or if you don’t want to visit every day to find out, check out their RSS collection. Subscribe to the list that’s of more interest to you.

Overall, I’ve discovered couple of useful apps using AppShopper. I used to use my iPhone Genius recommendation to find out about new apps but AppShopper showed me apps that I’d have never discovered otherwise. I hope you find AppShopper useful as well.

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